16 Book Lovers and Readers Gifts Under £20

This post originally appeared on https://www.bookishfreaks.com on 21st March 2016

Featured image is a Pride and Prejudice print cushion cover available from http://www.literaryemporium.co.uk

16 Book Lovers and Readers Gifts Under £20 – A handy guide for gift givers.

Reasonably priced gifts for book lovers from around the literary web that don’t actually include books. If you are a non-reader, or even just not as obsessed with books as your gift recipient, we know some of you might consider it difficult to choose the perfect bookish gift without spending a fortune. So we have scoured the UK/Euro web for amazing gifts so you don’t have to. We will say up front that, of course, we are going to include ourselves in this fantastic list of literary bargains.

We will also let you into a secret, actually book readers are so easy to buy for, they like everything you do and if it has a literary theme you are guaranteed a bookworm smile.


If they like jewellery

‘And’, can sometimes lead to brilliant possibilities like,

Ampersand Rose Gold Necklace.

Bookish Freaks does not currently stock jewellery but if we did, we would be very happy to sell this pretty product, great value at just £16.

A boxed ampersand cast in rose gold plated brass, a 16.5inch plated chain completes the look.

Available from https://booklovergifts.com. Based in London they ship worldwide.


booklovergifts.com - Ampersand - Rose Gold
Boxed Ampersand cast in Rose Gold plated brass




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Tick, Tock: Writers and Photographers Reflect on Time

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Last week, Australian photoblogger Lignum Draco hosted the popular Photo Challenge over at The Daily Post and offered a rich theme for exploration: time. Here’s a selection of powerful images inspired by the challenge, along with some of our favorite posts on the subject of temporality and the passing of time.

Browse the archives for past Photo Challenge topics, or look for the most recent one at the top of The Daily Post homepage. Challenges run Friday to Friday — you can still participate in this week’s challenge!

Putting Off Tomorrow

Sarah at Extra Dry Martini wrote a moving post about the connection between grief and procrastination, and how they both make us feel as if time alternately stands still and accelerates.

I don’t need anyone to tell me that all we have is this moment, this one, right now. I already know.

And yet. As I sit here, writing this…

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Bookish Freaks

Hey Bookish Freaks, no not you, the new literary gift store.

Based online, that means we are everywhere, on your pc, or mac, your phone, your tablet and your smart tv. Available 24/7, so yes you can shop in just your tighty whities but, please don’t turn on your web cam.

Admittedly, we are not even 3 months old yet, and we are still growing. That is what fledglings are supposed to do, right? So if we are not stocking anything you like right now, please keeping coming back to visit.

We are doing what we love and having a great deal of fun along the way. Sourcing literary themed goodies and stationery.

At the moment we have Dutch, Japanese and British stationery. Our own quirky artwork, and a lot of exciting ideas for the future, of course that involves bookish gifts for literature lovers.

Feel free to contact us and let us know what sort of things you are interested in seeing on our virtual shelves.


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